W3C on testing – conformance evaluation methodologies (WCAG-EM)

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Web accessibility iniative on testing – valuable resource with a short reflection from me

When we think testing for accessibility, then we can not get pass the fact that testing should be user-oriented and also guidelines-oriented.

So the usability for all is the main agenda. But it is easier to follow best practices, guidelines and even rules to get there.

Therefore – we have to consider conformance evaluation methodologies that are a part of W3C and not re-invent them from scratch.

Document from W3C that describes the conformance evaluation methods and proposed practice (opens in new tab) is a very eye-opening and must-read set of steps and suggestions and it should be a part of accessibility curriculum for any web-developer, tester and even expand to other roles – such as designers and project managers.

Only then we can really be sure to know what is to be expected from all the work invested – and how to verify and validate it’s attribution to web accessibility.

In the document we get reminded that:

“it is necessary to evaluate the accessibility of a website before releasing, acquiring or redesigning the website and for periodic monitoring of the accessibility performance of a website over time”

So this is a valuable and inspiring source for everybody and for every phase of the project too.

Document from W3C that describes the conformance evaluation methods and proposed practice (opens in new tab)

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