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Please reach out to me if you need accessibility consultation on any level. I started to learn about accessibility in 2014 and gathered quite diverse experience in accessibility work on all levels and for different kinds of organizations – spanning from small startups, public sector, non-government organizations to large international corporations.

It is a journey with constant learning, that I enjoy and invest a lot in, and a process of progress over perfection – therefore I am confident to bring value and help you with accessibility, regardless of organization type or size.

In 2020 I also got Web Accessibility Specialist certified (by International Association of Accessibility Professionals) that I also renewed in 2023. Certification doesn’t mean a lot – without the experience to back it up – and I hope this blog can shed a light about my experiences.

I offer wide range of accessibility services

My experiences with accessibility are wide but also deep;

  • Auditing for accessibility and usability of webpages, hybrid and native mobile applications, based on Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.2) – quick (to pinpoint critical issues efficiently and quickly) and complete (following WCAG evaluation methodology).
  • Testing for accessibility and usability with assistive technologies like screen-readers (JAWS, NVDA, VoiceOver, TalkBack) and other assistive technologies (like voice control, high contrast mode etc.).
  • Setting up and consultations on automatic accessibility testing, including end to end (e2e) accessibility testing and integration into continuous delivery (CD) / continuous integration workflows.
  • Accessibility evaluation / quality assurance of wire-frames, UX prototypes, design systems and design annotations.
  • I provide accessibility training for developers, designers and content creators. Beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Can also offer expert level training for developers and content creators.
  • Support you with your accessibility statement (based on EN 301 549).
  • Management consulting about accessibility on strategical and tactical level.
  • I can present at your webinars, seminars or other public presentations (prefer online, but we can discuss also other options).
  • Contribution to academic and non-academic professional articles.
  • Accessibility in procurement – analysis and auditing of third party solutions, integrations and evaluations.

I don’t do document remediation, but can help with making things more accessible. I am not a lawyer, so I don’t offer legal advice, but can contribute to almost anything else related to accessibility.

I believe in transparency and agility, so please reach out and we can discuss your accessibility needs, so that I can adapt my services to best suit your needs.

Prices on request, I use my sole proprietorship called IDEA-lab Cerovac.

Experience with different types of organizations

I’ve been working with different organizational types and sizes, with different accessibility related activities:

  • Freelancers – lifting them up in accessibility, mostly training, code, design and content reviews.
  • Web Agencies – auditing, training, support, policies.
  • Municipalities – auditing and strategy.
  • High Schools – auditing and training.
  • Universities – auditing and training.
  • Banks – auditing, strategy, development, testing, training, policies.
  • Television – auditing and training.
  • Transport services – auditing.
  • Country elections organization – auditing.
  • Lottery – auditing.
  • Accessibility Agencies – auditing as a contractor.
  • Institute for Accessibility – auditing, strategy, training, policies.
  • International Corporations – auditing, strategy, development, testing, training.

Most of the work was done under NDA (Non Disclosure Agreements), so I can’t reveal all the details, but I can provide some publicly available examples of my work and documentation if needed.


Please send me an email to:

You can expect a reply in a day or two.


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Author: Bogdan Cerovac

I am IAAP certified Web Accessibility Specialist (from 2020) and was Google certified Mobile Web Specialist.

Work as digital agency co-owner web developer and accessibility lead.

Sole entrepreneur behind IDEA-lab Cerovac (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility lab) after work. Check out my Accessibility Services if you want me to help your with digital accessibility.

Also head of the expert council at Institute for Digital Accessibility (in Slovenian).

Living and working in Norway (🇳🇴), originally from Slovenia (🇸🇮), loves exploring the globe (🌐).

Nurturing the web from 1999, this blog from 2019.

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