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My first academic article on accessibility was accepted on a conference

My first academic article called General Strategies for Improving Accessibility of E-commerce was accepted on a Slovenian Digital Inclusion conference. It was an interesting experience writing it and in this post I reflect on some important things.

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Second Slovenian Accessibility Awareness Day – my private contribution to Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2022

Building on first Slovenian Accessibility Awareness Day and on the first official Web Accessibility Directive reports from Slovenian public sector I made the Second Slovenian Accessibility Awareness Day. Still and always a work in progress, but please read the post and then if you wish also the reports to get some clues about the state of accessibility in Slovenia.

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State of web accessibility in Slovenia – my contribution to accessibility awareness

20th of May 2021 is Global Accessibility Awareness Day and I wanted to contribute by analyzing state of web accessibility on Slovenian web pages. We can therefore say the first ever contribution to Slovenian Accessibility Awareness Day.