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Consider accessibility when using horizontally scrollable regions in webpages and apps

After doing an audit of a webpage ,where navigation require horizontal scrolling, I decided to test what does that pattern mean for people with disabilities. Longer story short – be careful, maybe it’s not worth it for critical components like navigation.

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Accessible Rich Internet Applications on mobile devices

I wanted to describe the importance of ARIA for mobile devices. Especially when we have to be careful with ARIA and maybe just accept the fact that native HTML element can be much better choice. Sometimes graphical design should embrace the limitations that styling native HTML elements bring.

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Mobile applications got WCAG 2.1 accessibility requirements in European Union

23th of June 2021 is the final step of Web Accessibility Directives mission to improve accessibility of web and native mobile. WCAG 2.1 applies for mobile as well, but there are some exceptions. At the same time I touch the importance of accessibility in our Covid / Corona pandemics situation.