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What would I like to get from Accessibility-as-a-Service?

What would I want from my Accessibility-as-a-Service provider? What would be the ideal here when we know that automatic testing is absolutely not enough? We must also get people as a part of the service – accessibility specialists and people with disabilities. And when done from start to end it is way more efficient compared to only using it at the end.

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Online shop owners – don’t neglect accessibility and prepare for European Accessibility Act

If you own an online shop I really suggest that you make it as accessible as possible. European Accessibility Act will require it from you, but let’s rather think about getting more customers, non-discrimination of people with disabilities and better search engine optimization as the main drivers for making eCommerce accessible.

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Some findings from my WAI-tools monitoring pilot analysis

Extremely valuable documentation that reveals some interesting points about future of Web Accessibility Directive monitoring methods, tools and also some less clarified reporting matters. The accessibility statement automatic analysis will most certainly also have a central role and it is worth following on the Accessibility Conformance Testing rules that are the engine of all automatic tools out there.