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Some thoughts about fifth WebAIM’s Million evaluation

I love WebAIMs Million, but I need to point some things out. Some people may come to wrong conclusions after reading parts of the report and I hope I can improve that. I also think I know the reason and the solution about the still very poor state of accessibility.

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2022 WebAIM’s Million report on accessibility – my comment

Some improvements can be detected and I also added some thoughts of mine about the parts that are not very obvious. Interestingly – e-commerce is almost worst – and that really is a surprise when we think about how much do they invest into ads and SEO, just to get some new users.

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State of web accessibility in Slovenia – my contribution to accessibility awareness

20th of May 2021 is Global Accessibility Awareness Day and I wanted to contribute by analyzing state of web accessibility on Slovenian web pages. We can therefore say the first ever contribution to Slovenian Accessibility Awareness Day.