Slovenian Accessibility Awareness Day - State of Accessibility in Slovenia

Why is this needed at all? Everybody that makes and uses the web need to know about accessibility!

Do you want to discriminate other people? I bet that answer is a strong NO!

But unfortunately your online projects and products are most probably preventing some people to use them.

When making web and applications we must think of everybody that are maybe using them differently than we are:

  • Not everybody uses the computer mouse for example. They may not be able to use it, or maybe they just use the keyboard to be much more efficient.
  • Not everybody can see like you do. Somebody can not see all of colors, somebody can not see small letters and somebody can maybe even not see at all.
  • Not everybody can hear like you do. Somebody can not hear at all.
  • Not everybody can think like you do. Somebody can not concentrate easily or for long, somebody can not understand complex texts.

Sometimes we all benefit from good accessibility

Population is getting older. After we are forty our sight gets worse. Almost everybody experience temporary situations that make it harder to use the web and mobile.

Knowledge and empathy are key for implementation of accessible digital products that work for most wide spectrum of different people.

Plan for 22th of May 2021

I wanted to contribute to Global Accessibility Awareness Day, therefore I decided to do a quick analysis and evaluate the state of accessibility for top Slovenian domains, from both public and private sector.

This will be a private event but I plan to share my findings, at least as an overview.
This is the first event that is targeted to Slovenia, so I am calling it Slovenian Accessibility Awareness Day.
My ambition is that with time it will acquire larger public interest as it really should.

Awareness, empathy and knowledge are the only way towards a more accessible world

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) evaluation methodology will be used on a manually selected sample of websites that have largest reach for the population of Slovenia.

I will be using automatic tools and complement them with some manual testing (considering the time frame those will be quite basic).

Outcome will be a quick overview of the accessibility situation that may expose where we need to work towards removal of barriers.

Preliminary results of the first audit of web accessibility state in Slovenia