About this site

I believe we can never stop learning.

And accessibility is not an exception.

Therefore – I dedicate this blog to elaborate on the website and web application accessibility theory, issues, certifications and hopefully – solutions based on best practices in the field.

Please feel free to add constructive comments and maybe point the discussions to best possible solutions – but please behold your decency and respect for others.

And please understand that I am not an lawyer, so can not give any legal advice and all legal implications that I may be writing about should be verified by a accessibility law expert before used in practice.

After all – this is also a part of accessibility – to respect differences and to be respected for your differences.

And by the way – I write the posts myself and am not using so called artificial intelligence tools to come with content. I guess this is an important information in these times.

Updated: 14th of June 2023

Author: Bogdan Cerovac

I am IAAP certified Web Accessibility Specialist (from 2020) and was Google certified Mobile Web Specialist.

Work as Agency co-owner web developer and accessibility lead.

Sole entrepreneur behind IDEA-lab Cerovac (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility lab) after work.

Living and working in Norway (🇳🇴), originally from Slovenia (🇸🇮), loves exploring the globe (🌐).

Nurturing the web from 1999, this blog from 2019.

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