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End of axe-hackathon 2021 but not the end of aXeSiA

Not really surprisingly – aXeSiA did not won axe-hackathon. And I never dreamed that it will. It was just an experiment for me personally. But this will not mean that aXeSiA is retiring – I will make it a tool I can use often. And a tool I can really tweak as I need and like. Congratulation to other projects and especially Inclusiville. If I had the time I would be happy to work on all other projects as well as they are really good.

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My first axe-hackathon with my aXeSiA – my first contribution to accessibility open source

aXeSiA – my open source contribution to accessibility testing and axe-hackathon. We all like to use browser extensions to test the pages but aXeSiA makes our work easier if we want to automate it.