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Some thoughts about fifth WebAIM’s Million evaluation

I love WebAIMs Million, but I need to point some things out. Some people may come to wrong conclusions after reading parts of the report and I hope I can improve that. I also think I know the reason and the solution about the still very poor state of accessibility.

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Problems with automatic accessibility testing

Automatic testing of software is brilliant. Saves a lot of time and effort, prevents problems soon and makes our products better. But when trying to automatically test accessibility we need to know about the challenges and problems before. Some tools may even produce wrong results and some tools may report everything is perfect when they can only test up to a third of criteria.

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My first axe-hackathon with my aXeSiA – my first contribution to accessibility open source

aXeSiA – my open source contribution to accessibility testing and axe-hackathon. We all like to use browser extensions to test the pages but aXeSiA makes our work easier if we want to automate it.