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What does aria-hidden=true actually do to interactive elements?

Everybody knows that we must not use aria-hidden on interactive elements. But why is that a problem? I decided to check for myself, so that I can explain it better the next time I will be asked.

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Support for aria-errormessage is getting better, but still not there yet

I like the idea behind aria-errormessage and hope it will soon get enough support to make error messages more accessible and establish itself as best practice. NVDA support is coming soon, but beware potential iOS bug and lack of TalkBack support…

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ARIA role=”application” and mobile screen readers

There are some limited resources on ARIA role application, but I missed more information for mobile screen readers and just quickly checked the situation on Android and iPhone. It seems that support is not there, besides some small quirks. Be even more careful with role = application!

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Operating systems, browsers, screen-readers, automatic analysis tools can all have bugs that make accessibility even more difficult

The journey from content creator to end user is quite long. At least in terms of different software that needs to deliver. And as we all know – software has bugs. And sometimes even so called features that can actually be called bugs as well. So please test and if we find a problem – report it, so that we improve the accessibility one step at a time.

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Voice-back, online escape room to improve mobile screen-reader skills

A short post about my Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2022 contribution – online escape room for mobile screen-readers called Voice-Back.

What was the motivation, intention, implementation and goal behind

Please try it out if you want and let me know how it went.

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My plans for Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2022

Global Accessibility Awareness Day number 11 is soon here. It’s my third one and this time I have a bit different plans for it. An online mobile screen-reader app, analysis of Slovenian accessibility and ask me anything session instead of webinar.

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Developers should test with screen-readers

Every (front-end) developer should add screen-reader to their tools. Screen-reader experience can really help us make products more accessible and also be better at our coding. Combinations of screen-readers and browsers can get over complicated, so it is important to think if code we write is supported for majority.

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Screen-reader users don’t tab through your site

I organized an accessibility workshop for our front-end and full-stack developers, user interface and user experience designers and others involved in digital production. This post will concentrate on screen-reader (SR) users way of navigation because it may surprise non-screen-reader users quite a lot.

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After 7 weeks of waiting – now I am also officially Web Accessibility Specialist

Some reflections on my newly acquired Web Accessibility Specialist certification and a mention of Neuralink that will be demoed today and can have positive implications on accessibility as well. If used correctly.