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Web Accessibility Specialist (WAS) certified for another three years

I just received mail from IAAP that my certification is prolonged based on my activities that generated enough Continuing Accessibility Education Credits (CAECs). I like that we need not only to pass the exam but to also remain active to maintain it. There are some downsides of certifications, but still way more positive effects in my opinion.

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14% of customers will probably go away if site is inaccessible for them

Found an interesting study that should encourage business owners to do something about poor accessibility of their websites and mobile apps. Hopefully somebody will think about how much people their business is potentially missing.

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Honored to be a part of first official Slovenian event for Global Accessibility Awareness Day

We finally made an official Global Accessibility Awareness Day in Slovenia, and I am proud that I was a part of it and even had two presentations. It was amazing to meet a lot of people from different organizations connected to accessibility and to greet people that I cooperate with in-person for the first time.