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Support for aria-errormessage is getting better, but still not there yet

I like the idea behind aria-errormessage and hope it will soon get enough support to make error messages more accessible and establish itself as best practice. NVDA support is coming soon, but beware potential iOS bug and lack of TalkBack support…

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ARIA role=”application” and mobile screen readers

There are some limited resources on ARIA role application, but I missed more information for mobile screen readers and just quickly checked the situation on Android and iPhone. It seems that support is not there, besides some small quirks. Be even more careful with role = application!

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Identify Input Purpose (WCAG 1.3.5) on mobile applications

Autocomplete and correct keyboard layout when filling out forms are simple and powerful helpers to make less errors when filling out forms. They benefit everybody, but they are even more appreciated by people with different disabilities. Web support is there for years, but what about native mobile applications?

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WCAG for native mobile apps can be much more complex than for the web

After auditing some native mobile apps for accessibility I tried to understand the capabilities and possibilities of native mobile platforms for Android and iOS applications. In this post I try to reflect on the fact that making native mobile apps accessible can be much harder than when we try to make web accessible.

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Native mobile app support for headings

Mobile native applications are often with no headings. Sometimes even have visual headings but are missing on the semantics. Screen-reader users can and also like to navigate via headings, so we should be responsible and use them. They are supported on both iOS and Android.

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Voice-back, online escape room to improve mobile screen-reader skills

A short post about my Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2022 contribution – online escape room for mobile screen-readers called Voice-Back.

What was the motivation, intention, implementation and goal behind

Please try it out if you want and let me know how it went.

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Mobile applications got WCAG 2.1 accessibility requirements in European Union

23th of June 2021 is the final step of Web Accessibility Directives mission to improve accessibility of web and native mobile. WCAG 2.1 applies for mobile as well, but there are some exceptions. At the same time I touch the importance of accessibility in our Covid / Corona pandemics situation.