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Accessibility is a team effort or we fail at it

Common effort, interdisciplinary competence and early dialog can be the only best practice for assuring the accessibility of the final product. If we leave that team members live in their own roles then we are almost surely to fail and get into situations where the issues on the end prevent launching accessible products and flood the team with issues. Cooperation and dialog are key!

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Should we add alternative text to a decorative image because of search engine optimization or not

We remember the rule for alternative text on decorative images, right. But is it really so clear what an decorative image is. Sometimes SEO wants us to have alternative text for images that do not directly add to the information. Should we do it for the bots or should we save time for screen-reader users? It depends. As always…

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Correct heading for the headings – what is important for accessible and search friendly heading elements

There are still some myths out there about what we can and can not do and there are also some best practices around use of headings. Please do use them is my advice, but it is not a thing for compliance and SEO itself. It is more about usability.