Accessibility statement for Bogdan on Web Accessibility page

As a author of this website on accessibility and for accessibility I want to communicate that I will do my very best to ensure that this website itself is following best practices from Web Content Accessibility Guidelines version 2.1 and beyond.

As a developer and consultant I am striving to learn about accessibility as much as possible and at the same time use this knowledge to improve my deliveries, not only in code but also as my professional advising. And the same is also valid for this webpage.

There are some comments about the short name of A11y not being accessible and I can agree to a point. Therefore I try to make it clear, very often, maybe even too often, that A11y is acronym to accessibility. I think it has become very known, like for example UX, especially when used in context. Please do not take it against me.

How do I approach accessibility of this site

I have made the graphical and user experience design of this WordPress powered website with accessibility as first-class citizen in mind and tried to follow the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines version 2.1 as much as possible, but improving accessibility is one of my top and continuous tasks, so I will improve the site even further.

What can and will be improved

I am still doing some research on improvements of typography and at the moment I focus on the textual content, as it is most valuable and accessible form for my content, but I need to include some graphical elements too. Decorative and informative, with adequate textual alternatives.

Content on this page is very specific. I am not a native speaker and I also suspect my writing style is sometimes bit too complicated – so I am aware over this – complexity can be a barrier for some people and I am happy to receive constructive critic.

As a part of my continuous accessibility exploration I will also include some other improvements but please let me know if there is something you think should be prioritized.

This site is trying to conform to WCAG 2.1 on level AA and when possible also AAA

As you probably know – there are three levels of WCAG 2.1 – level A, that is like the basic level, level AA that is most commonly target level and there is also level AAA that is supposed to be more ideal than AA. I am really trying to know all three levels and target levels A, AA and partially also AAA for this site.

But then again, honestly, WCAG is just the baseline, so I will do my best to go beyond WCAG too.

Technical details

As mentioned before – this website is built with custom WordPress theme and plugins that I made while learning about Gutenberg and React’s role in modern WordPress.

Standard WordPress commenting system is being used and I have tried to use the simplest and most semantic markup possible.

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (ECMA script 2015) and some WAI ARIA 1.1 is being used as it is the most standard front-end technology stack at the time of writing.

You are welcome to give me your feedback

Any feedback is most welcomed and I will try to respond as soon as possible. If you happen to find an accessibility issue or just doesn’t like my way of implementing it – please do not hesitate to describe it to me and I will prioritize it’s resolution.

Please send me a email to and I will respond as soon as possible.

Kongsberg, Norway, 9th of July 2023.

Author: Bogdan Cerovac

I am IAAP certified Web Accessibility Specialist (from 2020) and was Google certified Mobile Web Specialist.

Work as Agency co-owner web developer and accessibility lead.

Sole entrepreneur behind IDEA-lab Cerovac (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility lab) after work.

Living and working in Norway (🇳🇴), originally from Slovenia (🇸🇮), loves exploring the globe (🌐).

Nurturing the web from 1999, this blog from 2019.

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