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After 7 weeks of waiting – now I am also officially Web Accessibility Specialist

Some reflections on my newly acquired Web Accessibility Specialist certification and a mention of Neuralink that will be demoed today and can have positive implications on accessibility as well. If used correctly.

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Correct heading for the headings – what is important for accessible and search friendly heading elements

There are still some myths out there about what we can and can not do and there are also some best practices around use of headings. Please do use them is my advice, but it is not a thing for compliance and SEO itself. It is more about usability.

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Continuous accessibility by Facebook – global effects

I wanted to expose sweet points from the Making accessible to as many people as possible article that was published on 30th of July 2020 as it is an excellent example of continuous and from-start accessibility in my opinion and we should all implement at least some parts of it in our work-flows.